Statutory Actuary — Non-life

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The consultants in our Africa practice have practical experience in the key statutory actuarial roles required for a successful life insurer or reinsurer. These include:

  • Actuarial Function
  • Signing Actuary (General Insurance)
  • Signing Actuary (General Reinsurance)
  • Reviewing Actuary (General Insurance)
  • Reviewing Actuary (General Reinsurance)

We currently provide Statements of Actuarial Opinion (Signing Actuary) under the Solvency I regime for a wide range of clients, both direct writers and reinsurance companies. We are ideally placed to discharge the new Reviewing Actuary role for companies which already have their Signing Actuary in place.

We are pleased that a number of our clients have already engaged our services to discharge the Actuarial Function role under Solvency II.

In addition to discharging the actuarial statutory roles set out above, our consultants are very active in the field of enterprise risk management and would be ideally placed to discharge the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) or Risk Management Function roles on an outsourced basis.

Using Milliman consultants to discharge these key roles will ensure that the roles are discharged at a very high level. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and in the strength of our internal peer review processes that ensure a high quality output. In addition, our clients value our willingness to proactively contribute to their business. We are not afraid to provide our opinion, and in discharging statutory roles, we pride ourselves on adding value for our clients. We work hard to keep abreast of the key emerging issues in the life insurance and reinsurance markets to help our clients remain on top of the challenges they need to face today—and be aware of the challenges they are likely to face tomorrow.

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