Statutory Actuary

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Statutory roles describe the roles of Appointed Actuary, Pensions Actuary, Signing Actuary for life or non-life reinsurance or Signing Actuary for non-life (general) insurance. Outsourcing a statutory actuarial role involves a number of key considerations. It is crucial to use providers with sufficient experience– have they been through this before with other companies? Will their experience add critical value to your company? Other considerations include competitive cost and certainty around likely cost.

Our consultants have extensive experience regarding the key statutory actuarial roles required for a successful insurer or reinsurer.

We have been discharging these roles for a wide range of clients for over two decades. Most of our outsourced actuarial relationships have been in place for many years, highlighting the ongoing trust we have developed with our clients and the value they place on the relationship. We typically attend client board meetings for a large number of our clients and provide trusted and valued advice in relation not only to actuarial services, but also to the wider risk, regulatory and business environment.

By clicking on the relevant tabs above, you can get more detail about the roles we discharge in relation to life and non-life insurance and reinsurance.

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