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As the number of complex insurance products grows, so does the industry's need for grid computing to rapidly perform the myriad calculations required. Our solution, the high-performance C-Squared™ platform, was introduced in 2005 and is one of the industry's leading grid-computing tools.

With real-world markets and economies changing constantly, C-Squared manages the execution of trillions of calculations in the timely manner needed for the resulting analytical output to be truly valuable.

C-Squared is an essential component in using our MG-Hedge® valuation system, and is a valuable add-on for users of MG-ALFA®, our dynamic financial-analysis modelling tool. Harnessing hundreds of computer processors together, C-Squared is powerful as it speeds calculations and reassigns the work of any malfunctioning computers to those that are performing. As a result, calculations are completed on time, with no need to manually reissue tasks and rerun work that failed to complete because of computer breakdowns.

C-Squared has been designed for simplicity, scalability and easy migration of existing applications, which reduces clients' engineering time and costs.

Affordable pricing, growing support

We also offer an affordable pricing model, licencing C-Squared on a per-application basis rather than charging on a per-computer basis. C-Squared supports a range of applications, including MG-ALFA, MG-Hedge, Microsoft Excel and many proprietary client software solutions.

We continue to add C-Squared support for other programs. We are currently developing grid support for several additional applications, including the popular numerical-computing program MatLab®.

Speed, accuracy and in-house capacity

Milliman backs C-Squared with multiple computer arrays it operates at several locations in the United States and in Tokyo, providing flexibility as well as a cohesive solution for clients with distributed-computing needs.

C-Squared stands out as one of the industry's few platforms capable of rapidly performing the large-scale financial calculations required for nested stochastic analysis. Our team is dedicated to ensuring client calculation needs are met quickly and accurately.